• Shady Hollow dates back to 1978.

• In the 1990s, Austin buys all the land from the Veloway to Hays County, from MoPac to Shady Hollow for water quality rainwater retention.

• That land was to compensate for the huge Circle C development.

• Shady Hollow has a half-dozen streets that dead-end on the west. Four of those streets were to be major feeder roads to MoPac or SH 45 SW.

• Bailey Middle School is landlocked by these dead-end streets that endanger the students.

• In 1985 forward-thinking leaders in Travis and Williamson counties requested an Outer Parkway. SH 45 SW is one segment.

• SOS focuses on SH 45 SW as their raison d'etre.

• Austin annexes area south of Shady Hollow to FM 1626.

• Austin grants hundreds of home construction permits in this area, adding thousands of auto trips per day.

• SOS creates "Keep MoPac Local" campaign to pit neighbors against neighbors.

• Zoning by road construction does not, and never did, thwart development.

• SOS, Travis County, and the City of Austin cannot control growth in Hays County.

Which route would you choose?

The SH 45 SW Saga
"Austin has captured the world spotlight with its bountiful arts, educational excellence, exciting nightlife and political prestige, but it all comes with a cost: increased congestion. The 2012-13 INRIX Traffic Scorecard Annual Report ranks Austin as one of the Top 10 Worst Cities for Traffic in America. The scorecard ranked Austin the fourth worst traffic city, with motorists wasting 38 hours each year in traffic -- the equivalent of a week of vacation!"

Rather than concentrating on building roads with environmental safeguards, Austin is focused on building no roads at all! The 28-year history of SH 45 SW is a classic example of failed transportation planning, ignored engineering capabilities and broken promises. This website lays out the facts for your consideration. 
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Travis County Commissioners
voted unanimously Oct. 22
to reinstate support of SH 45 SW! ____________________________

SOS continues to imply Commissioner Bruce Todd is or has been employed by Shady Hollow Homeowners Association. Not only is this not true, SHHOA has not hired any PR representatives. SHHOA's efforts are grassroots, heart-felt, and hard worked.

Please read anything SOS publishes very carefully.

Click here to see the date-by-date history of SH 45 SW.

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